what are some ways to lose weight fast.im 5'8 and 200 pounds.?

what are some ways to lose weight fast.im 5'8 and 200 pounds.? Topic: what are some ways to lose weight fast.im 5'8 and 200 pounds.?
January 22, 2020 / By Sabrina
Question: .i want to lose about 30 pounds in one month before school starts back..could i just use laxatives after evry day? and go jogging twice a day? idk i just wanna be pretty when i go bck to school
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Best Answers: what are some ways to lose weight fast.im 5'8 and 200 pounds.?

Netta Netta | 3 days ago
im sorry but there is no way its imposible no matter what you do.... well you could starve your self for that whole month and might loose 20 lbs tops but youll die way before 30
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Netta Originally Answered: Best ways to lose weight fast?
Keep doing all the things you are doing:) exercise ways anyway:) So all of your weight is muscle, thus saying we need to reduce your muscle to get you to lose weight. There are sown things we need to state before I tell you how. You are 13 and very short. You will grow and that weight will stay but you will get thinner as you grow, also don't stress about it too much ok? You are 13! You will be beautiful by 16! Anyway so the reason your muscles get so big and thick is bc when you cheer and lift weights it's putting extra weight on your muscles, thus making them get larger. To get them smaller you have to break down muscle proteins, you do this by running, straight running for about an hour and thirty minutes. Overall running for an hour and thirty minutes with breaks, but not too long of breaks. The reason it has to be so long is because when you run, the first thing your body breaks down is carbs, then after about thirty minutes it burns fat and when it gets to be an hour it starts burning muscle proteins! :D So I say stop weight lifting and continue cheer and volleyball, but do alot more running and you should see results within a few weeeks

Luella Luella
skipping meals can cause your body to go into a fat storing starvation mode making it harder to burn calories
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Kayleah Kayleah
Just bc u r a little chunky doesn't mean u r not pretty. 30 lbs is a large amount of weight to lose in a month. I wouldn't do laxatives bc u can dehydrate urself. Just buy a cleanse that u do before u start working out. Hit the gym if u don't have a membership just go for a brisk walk or steady jog in the park. Whole grains and fiber are good when u r trying to lose weight. Fresh veggies r good too. Stay away fron processed foods. (Anything that is in the middle aisles of the grocery store) I am the same weight and just an inch shorter and my family friend who is a personal trainer gave me all this advice I just started working out today. U r not alone!!! :) good luck!
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Hope Hope
No u don have 2 sign up 4 a diet I was in the same bout u r in...... I was 5 8 nd weighed 190 I got really depressed nd stopped eating well I lost mayby 10 pounds and it was all in my but and boobs so I was worse off then when I started well then I just started eating a very small meal in the mornin and eating small meals throughout the day nd drinkin like 3 bottles of water or more .....I don kno y this works but 3 months later I weigh 145....I do not even excercise nd what I eat is not low carb?? Low fat or anything like tht just reall small portions nd I still am loosing weight??? Try it I kno this was in three months but if u excercise imagine wat u cud loose in 1 month
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Start eating clean before anything. If your diet is right, you probably do not even need to jog twice a day, and maybe just 4 times a week. Cut out first and foremost, Soda, bagels, CHEESE (yes, all cheese!), and Mayonnaise (have only seen unhealthy people eat this) etc. Concentrate on vegetables and fruits. It's impossible to overeat vegetables, as long as it's NOT covered in RANCH or disgusting dressings that are full of calories! I recommend looking online for tips to eat better for a leaner body. There are loads of information out there!
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Edit Originally Answered: Ways to lose weight very fast?
Losing weight fast= losing muscle= looking unhealthy. Lose weight by doing 45 min of cardio a day, weight lifting (optional) and dont go over over your calorie maintanence lvl and you WILL lose weight. Lose only 1-2 pounds a week no more.

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