how to lose alot of weight in 2 days?

how to lose alot of weight in 2 days? Topic: how to lose alot of weight in 2 days?
September 23, 2019 / By Phillis
Question: Im 12 years old i weigh 190 pounds and i really want to lose weight before school starts school starts in 10 days im 5'6 (5ft 6in) is there anyway for me to look thin when school starts without any pills?
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Maryann Maryann | 1 day ago
well you don't have to be extremely skinny by the first day! just try eating healthy five times a day, and excersize about 20 minutes. every single day. you'll lose about 3 pounds a week. if losing weight is one of your major goals, stick to this until you lose all the weight you want. good luck.
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Maryann Originally Answered: How do I lose alot of weight in 2 to 3 weeks?
Firstly you can lose as much weight as you want in a short time period, however, you will gain it back. I am speaking from experience from someone who has been there done that with fad diets. There is the obvious liposuction, however, the recovery time is 3 – 6 months and it sounds as though that you’re in a rush to lose the weight for possibly an event with no downtime to spare. I am and have been on weight watchers for 2 years and lost 25 lbs. It was a slow and steady race, however, I haven’t gained the weight back ‘cause my diet has been stabilized and so was the weight loss from 0.5 – 1 lb/week. Remember the weight gain didn’t happen overnight, it happened slowly over time, the same is with proper healthy weight loss, you can’t have/perform miracles over night. These are some things that I do. 1. Drink lots of water as it kept me full longer. 2. Used an appetite suppressant like hoodie to make sure I don’t go over my daily calorie intake. 3. Did cardio and toning 3 – 4 times a week. 4. Made meal and recipe modifications as I cooked. 5. When I dined out, I made sure that I wasn’t shy about asking the kitchen to make modifications like dressing/sauce on the side, half portion ordered the kids meal etc. 6. Brushing teeth after every meal, the mint acts like an appetite suppressant and without the taste in your mouth, you can easily forget about the food. 7. Never drank diet cola, the aspartame actually made me crave food more for some reason. 8. At work I take a break before lunch and either take the stairs in the building or just general toning without weights. We have a gym at work so I do about 15 minutes of weights which not only gets my blood flowing but releases tension from a**hole customers. 9. Bought snacks in bulk (to save money) and properly measured what a cup or portion was and made individual baggies. There are some snacks on the market that are 100 calorie snacks, however, I find those to be too expensive than just buying in bulk and separating the portions yourself. Also by physically separating them yourself, you get an idea of what a portion is supposed to be and you learn to properly eye ball correct portions.

Lalla Lalla
I'm sorry hun but it's really not possible to lose more than like a half a pound in two days. Unless weight is lost slowly and properly (with diet and exercise...all overseen by a doctor), it will just come back on anyway.
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Jennie Jennie
ok i know this sounds bad but the only possible way is to have an eating disorder like being bulimic but PLEASE dont do this cuz it wont even work cuz you will feel sick tired hungry all the time and the wieght will just come back to you :( it is alot healthier for you to gradually lose wieght like try and shoot for 2-3 pounds every week . i know that doesnt sound like alot but in a month you can lose like 10 -15 lbs. which you will really start to notice a difference. oh and to lose those lbs. every week try and cut 700 calories out of your daily eating and exercise to burn off another 300 sry i cant help you lose alot of wieght before school starts cuz i felt really self consense of my body as a 5'8 160 but i just really worked on eating healthy and excersising daily and it took about 8 months or so but no im 5'9 and 110 good luck with school
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Fionola Fionola
If you don't lose weight the healthy way, you will gain every single pound right back, and maybe even more. You're just going to have to exercise and start eating better and do it the slow way.
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Dacey Dacey
the only fast weight you would lose is water weight by taking laxative type stuff, which could be upto 10 lb but the weight will come right back...it is not recommended doing this to your body either..most of the time you gain more back...
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Dacey Originally Answered: What is the best way to lose alot of weight and inches quickly?
im gonna copy and paste my answer to another similar question since i just answered this lol. the best way to lose weight fast ive found so far is herbalife. its a nutrition company that sells shakes that are whole meals. i started replacing 2 meals a day with them on saturday and ive lost 9 lbs since then, thats 9 lbs in 5 days. i also drink their herbal tea to keep up my metabolism. ive been doing some cardio workouts (walking/jogging), but at most ill burn 300 or 400 calories doing that, and by drinking shakes instead of meals im already losing 2000+ a day, so the cardio doesnt make a huge difference. i have been lifting weights too, and that will help alot because muscle burns fat, so the more muscle you have the more fat you burn everyday just doing day to day things. if you want to learn more about herbalife email me at face055@gmail.com

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