What are the best supplements to give your dog?

What are the best supplements to give your dog? Topic: What are the best supplements to give your dog?
November 17, 2019 / By Nevaeh
Question: I was thinking of giving my dog supplements but what are the best ones and what do they do for your animal?
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Best Answers: What are the best supplements to give your dog?

Lyda Lyda | 8 days ago
I give my German Shepherd one tablet of Glucosamine and chondroitin every day. (They are one supplement). I bought them upon a recommendation from my vet. They are supposed to really help with joints from a young age on. Also, I feed her yogurt to help with digestion. She really likes it and has seemed to do bettter as far as not throwing up, as she used to have a really sensitive stomach.
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Lyda Originally Answered: What supplements do you give your horse?
Depends on what you do with your horse. Flax seed is good but only effective if it is ground up like powder. Otherwise it poops out. If you work your horse hard, glucosamine is a good joint supplement. But here is the problem with just filling them up on supplements: ulcers. Highly active horses need certain supplements, but it is hard on their stomach. If your horse isn't working hard, it can be even worse for him. You can talk to a vet. I used to use corn oil to splash in their feed. It works similar to flax seed by making a shiny coat. Best grocery store supplements? Carrots and apples!

Kayley Kayley
I add things for skin and coat such as Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, Brewer's Yeast with Garlic (powdered and formulated for dogs) and feed occasional yogurt, or you can sprinkle some acidophilus over the food. If your dog had a very oily coat, this wouldn't be what your dog would need, so to some degree, there are many variable depending upon your dog's breed and coat type. But most can benefit from the above. Then, if they ever get a bit of a loose stool from eating grass or grabbing something outside they shouldn't have, I give them pumpkin pie filling which is a natural binder and the best thing I have ever found to treat this!
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Hulda Hulda
if you feed your dog a high quality dog food your dog does not require additional supplements. what is wrong with your dog that makes you think the dog needs to be supplemented? if you think something is wrong with the dog start at the vet and they can either direct you to the proper dog food or tell you which supplements you can give your dog. or it could be a medical issue that requires a presribed medicine. good luck.
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Edweena Edweena
I personally use "pet tabs".They come in small and large dog size depending on dogs weight.they can be found at any vets,wal mart,and tractor supply stores.....George
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Edweena Originally Answered: Hocks and Supplements?
I would highly recommend switching to Ramard's "Total Joint Care". It has glucosamine & chondroitin like Cosequin, but also has MSM which is an anti-inflammatory, as well as Hyaluronic Acid which is crucial in the maintenance of joint fluid andflexibilityy. I don't work for Ramard or anything, I just strongly believe in their products. Use them on my own horses for years with great results. Do you know if your horse was every a "big lick" show horse? Some of the training/shoeing methods of those TWH horses can contribute to bad joints later in life. Work closely with you farrier and vet to make sure that he's as balanced as he can be. If it gets any worse, you could have your vet inject hyaluronic acid into his hocks. It is a common practice with horses and helps a great deal. It's not permanent, you'll have to repeat in a few months, but the difference is worth it. Good luck! P.S. You might also want to try hosing his hocks with cold water for 15 minutes after he works. Will help with swelling if there is any.

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