Bottle fed kitten-constipated?

Bottle fed kitten-constipated? Topic: Bottle fed kitten-constipated?
July 20, 2019 / By Meliora
Question: Hello! I have a kitten that was abandoned by its mommy. I have been bottle feeding the kitten for about 5 days now. I took him to the vet 2 days ago and the vet said he is between 3-4 weeks old. On Friday after feeding him he pooped a little. Like a hard little raisin. But that's it. After he eats I've been rubbing his privates to make him go to the bathroom. He hasn't pooped in two days. I have diluted his formula a little to see if that helps. I'm calling the vet tomorrow morning to tell them about this. But I was wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences and if I should be worried. He is eating great and growing a belly. Anything you can tell me will help! Thanks!! I'm really worried!!! Will he be okay?? I do massage his belly and wash his privates with a warm wash cloths. He is only drinking kitte formula right now. I havnt heard about the corn syrup...but I heard to try a few drops of mineral oil. no prunes for little kitties. lol
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Lee Lee | 1 day ago
Good for you for adopting the little guy and taking him to the vet! Could be there's nothing to worry about if you are feeding him enough and if you're using commercial kitten milk. Make sure you have fresh water available in a small dish or pan for him to drink whenever he wants. Also besides everything you're doing, be sure he's always warm. A kitten at that age may eat but if it's cold, cannot digest the food properly. Keep the kitty in a very warm place (80 degrees). I used to carry them around in tucked into my shirt to keep them warm. Keep the kitty in a box or covered crate big enough for him to have food and a pan of litter and a corner to sleep in. Put a hot water bottle or a microwaveable heating pad wrapped in a towel (so you don't burn him) for him to sleep on. In the nest, kittens sleep with mama or on top of each other to stay warm. At three to four weeks of age a kitten can be introduced to solid food, as Mama cat would now do. Mix the kitten milk with a spoonful of dry or canned kitten food and put it into a small flat dish or pan. Put the kitten by the food at feeding time before giving it the milk. It will hopefully sniff the food and if it starts to eat, great. If it doesn't, you can dab a bit of the food on its nose so he will lick it off and know it's tasty. Kittens at this age eat small amounts but at least 4 to 6 times a day and over the next two or three weeks would be weaned off the milk to solid foods only. If it's healthy and gaining weight, you're doing okay. Be sure to take it to the vet regularly. A big belly could also be a sign of worms which is very common and found in almost all kittens. The vet will give it the proper medicine to take care of that.
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Lee Originally Answered: Help! My kitten is constipated!?
yeah. stimulate/massage him. his mother would do the same if he were with her. once constipation is relieved, make sure you massage the belly after each feeding to prevent this again and to promote proper digestion. heres a good link: http://www.petpeoplesplace.com/resources/articles/cats/042-01.htm

Joisse Joisse
Try the corn syrup and a few drops of mineral oil in his formula.But really,you can start him on solids now.Give him a little canned kitten food,or baby food meat mixed with a small amount of brown rice baby cereal (plain-no fruit) and some warm water. In a week,you can add moistend dry kitten food to his diet. You can also try giving him just a spoonful of cows milk to loosen things up! He should be OK.
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Geena Geena
I've never had a kitten that young but it's best to address these issues before they get bad and risk the health of your kitty. I would always reccomend seeking professional advice from your vet but if need be you can contact emergency services offered by your vet office or any vet hospital for advice over the phone.
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Decima Decima
Use a warm damp cloth to stimulate the area and a soft belly rub may help. The vet will recommend a safe stool softener for him. Remember only give kitten milk. Good luck.
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Brittany Brittany
Okay firstly if it's one part formula to 2 parts water u would use one tabs spoon of formula and 2 tablespoons of water! but a mother cat usually licks the butt whole to help the kittens poop! Try putting on rubber gloves and wetting ur finger a little and rubbing the but whole area! I know this may sound a little gross but hey if it's going to work u got to do what u got to do!
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Brittany Originally Answered: My kitten is Constipated, help.?
Whiskas is TERRIBLE cat food. Changing the food might help with the constipation and will certainly be better for your cat. I recommend Felidae brand cat food. My kitty won't eat wet food (which is typically more nutritious) so we feed her Felidae dry food. It is a little more expensive, but if you cannot afford to feed your cat healthy food, perhaps you shouldn't have a cat. Does your dad also feed you T.V. dinners every night?

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