im very skinny and i get made fun of my weight people think im aneroxic but im not! how can i gain wait fast!?

im very skinny and i get made fun of my weight people think im aneroxic but im not! how can i gain wait fast!? Topic: im very skinny and i get made fun of my weight people think im aneroxic but im not! how can i gain wait fast!?
January 18, 2020 / By Marni
Question: im very skinny and i get made fun of my weight people think im aneroxic but im not! how can i gain wait fast! besides eating junk food unless there are bars, shakes thatll gain wait on me?
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Best Answers: im very skinny and i get made fun of my weight people think im aneroxic but im not! how can i gain wait fast!?

Ladonna Ladonna | 4 days ago
They are probably just jealous, next time someone says that to you say "I'm not skinny, you're just obese!"
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Ladonna Originally Answered: Why am i so skinny?What can i do to gain wait?PLZ HELP!ASAP!?
EAT LOTS OF PROTEIN AND CARBS. Low fat though, you need fat but not too much. If you are very skinny though with low body fat (like can see your ribs, eat avocados, nuts and use a lot of olive oil on your foods until you have gained a healthy amount of body fat---consult with your doctor though, or ask a health teacher or family member) Proteins: - Lots of nuts (but they're also high in fat, but the GOOD fats, the healthy fats....still try to limit them though) -Egg whites -Chicken if you eat meat -Salmon if you eat fish -Cheese and yogurt is good but in moderation because of its saturated fat (the not so good fats!) -Beans and lentils-any kind really. Kidney, black, pinto etc...also high in good carbs and fiber so you can eat a good amount of these to gain weight *Protein is very important for muslce development* Carbs: -eat whole grain, whole whole wheat rice and breads, beans again. Eat a lot of good carbs because it is the main fuel of your body. If you are not eating enough carbs, your body will eat off your muscle or fat causing you to lose more weight. Usually muscle. Fats: -avocados -olive oil -nuts, peanut butter -salmon (omega 3 6 and 9) &more. if you have any questions you can ask me. You're young so I would ask your doctor to see if it is okay to excercise. If so, there are some great excercises you can do to build muscle! Just make sure you're getting your healthy proteins! Don't get unhealthy in the process---gaining weight can be healthy--You want to GAIN MUSCLE & HEALTHY BODYFAT, NOT JUST WEIGHT. Like, eating mcdonalds definitely would NOT help you. Be healthy & Bullies? Don't worry about them--- people bully because they are unhappy with their lives/jealousy etc...There is nothing to worry about. Be confident and focus on your school and the people that actually matter (family, good friends). you're young and one day none of this will matter. Just get through it (and you will). And you probably have a growth spurt ahead of you but please eat and eat frequently Good luck! toujoursxmignonne@yahoo.com

Jenelle Jenelle
If you are not anorexic and you are healthy, then there is not a problem. There is no need to put on weight, because if you start putting on weight, then you might get too big, and it's really HARD to lose weight! Just ignore the negative comments on your weight, you are perfect, hun. And if your mama is packing you a lunch that you do not like, then you need to start telling her what you do like. Make sure to get what you want, so you don't have to give your food away. Maybe get some of those Lunchables? Or maybe pack your own lunch from now on? Or tell your mom to give you something better to eat. Good luck, hun.
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Fenella Fenella
don't gain it by eating junk food (chips candy bars etc.) eat foods like nuts that are high in fats, but the good ones. those will help put on some pounds, and lots of milk cheese yogurt
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Cristina Cristina
Whatever you eat, check hoy many grams of fat are in that food. Buy whatever you want that tastes good, and is a little more fatening. As you get a little bigger, bump it up to higher grams of fat. But stay healthy, excercise at fair times, and have fun! Good Luck!
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Bettina Bettina
First of all, i know exactly what your going through...except instead of worrying about gaining weight i have just accepted myself for the way i am and i could care less about what ppl think about me. answer to your question try eating more protein
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Bettina Originally Answered: I'm too skinny, how can I gain weight fast?
Dont ever skip a meal. First rule. Snack between meals. So every 2-3 hours you need to eat something small but with protein in it. In your case a peanut butter sandwhich would work well. Protein shakes help get calories in if you just cant eat anymore. Finally, lift weights. Im assuming you are female, so i want to assure you it takes ALOT of food, and alot of time for women to even remotely look bulky, so dont fear. Your meals shoud consist of protein carbs and good fats everytime you eat. So an example might be for a day: 2-3 eggs and a 1/2 to 1 cup oatmeal for breakfast. (Im assuming you are a rather small female so Im going light in portions) Snack: Protein shake mixed in milk OR a peanut butter sandwhich Lunch: Sounds like you are possibly Asian so make the menu fit your style but Id personally go with a protien source like what you listed above, meat, fish poultry but make sure its lean. Eat a tone of veggies and have your rice or noodles. Alot of times I will hav e abaked potato. Snack: could be like above, could be a couple boiled eggs even. Post workout: Protien shake and a simple carb like bananas or even some gummi bears. You want to spike your insulin after working out to promote muscle growth and get the nutrients (protein) to your muscles faster. Supper: Very similar to lunch. You get the idea, you can mix it up so you dont get bored, just keep it as clean as you can so you arent getting fat. Muscle weight is more compact, but it looks much better. Before bed: Casien Protien. You can buy this as a powder, or you can get it from sources such as cottage or ricotta cheese. Stay away form the cardio except for maybe once a week, lift heavy at least 3 times a week and on those days do a full body routine. Arms, chest, legs, back, all of it. If you would like some links to free resources on all this info add it in the additional info part and i will give them to you. Yahoo gets all crappy when i do that because if they arent making money off a link they dont want it posted. Sad but true.

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