I'm extremely constipated?

I'm extremely constipated? Topic: I'm extremely constipated?
November 22, 2019 / By Alleen
Question: I know this is a little bit off an odd question, but I haven't been able to go to the bathroom for around 7-10 days... I've been able to go a little bit, but that doesn't really count. Can someone tell me some good remedies to stop this? I've gained around 3lbs from it. My stomach hurts and I just feel gross. I've tried some laxatives... Drinking a lot of water.... I've been eating a lot lately, so that might contribute to it. Anways, please help. Thanks in advance
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Utai Utai | 7 days ago
If binging on fruit such as prunes, oranges, mandarins and plums doesn't work perhaps you could try castor oil which is a very powerful laxative and is only suitable for a one-off remedy.
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Utai Originally Answered: Im extremely constipated, is taking multiple laxatives bad?
correct the cause of the nerve interference making your colon muscles weak. see an hio method chiropractor.
Utai Originally Answered: Im extremely constipated, is taking multiple laxatives bad?
Yes, that's a bad decision. It's quite likely that you will go from being all stopped up to not being able to stop. If you're constipated, the very first thing you do is try to drink a lot of water. Not tea or coffee or soda, WATER. You might just be dehydrated. You can have one or two cups of hot coffee or hot tea, but no more than that. Then you should walk or run for at least 15 minutes. While the intestines do have their own movement, they also rely on abdominal muscle movement to help get things through. If that doesn't work, then you try a stool softener and possibly a small dose of fiber therapy. It's possible that you've developed irritable bowel disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome, or Crohn's disease. You'd have to go through some medical procedures before a doctor could say, though. These problems are NOT something you can diagnose by yourself. You could also have some sort of intestinal blockage, and again, you'd have to see a doctor about this.

Roderick Roderick
try an enema. at your local Wall mart or Pharmacy. I can't understand why the laxatives aren't working,at least take 2 Then don't take em again for a while like a month There is also a product called Colace which is a stool softener you could try that. **** this happens to me like once every 6 months. Guess got to be careful what we eat. try eating more roughage like lettuce and greens cause cheese and dairy products will bind your whole system up
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Mickey Mickey
high fibre foods, and fresh fruit juice or prune juice, failing that go to your GP they will give you something stronger then the over the counter stuff
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Mickey Originally Answered: How can I get my body fat extremely low?
Anything below 6% starts to get a bit unhealthy considering what you must be doing to get there. I recomend a low carb diet with high protien to keep lean muscle. I also suggest having 1 day of the week where you have 100+ grams of carbs and the day after 200+ grams. This will confuse your body so that the sudden change will just help you even more. Have round 3 days a week of high intensity cardio.

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