what are some ways to make me relax?

what are some ways to make me relax? Topic: what are some ways to make me relax?
January 18, 2020 / By Laidey
Question: i always feels stressed and like i have a million things to do..i just want to figure out a way to make myself relax each day..how do you make yourself relax and just get away from everything?
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Best Answers: what are some ways to make me relax?

Jenifer Jenifer | 8 days ago
To relax before bed a warm bath is good. Read for a while as that is relaxing have some milk, hot chocolate of camomile's tea. If all this fails The consider buy in some Kalms, or Valerian tablets. They are a natural herbal aid which eases stress and work great to help sleep.
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Jenifer Originally Answered: Will a muscle relaxer help me relax when I take the GRE?
Muscle relaxers don't really help anxiety. You might be better served by something from the health food store, especially since you don't like medications anyway. There are teas, tinctures and pills that use herbs to naturally support you during times of stress/anxiety. i particulairly like the Bach rescue remedy tinctures or sprays. You have enough time to take a trip to your health food store and ask for some help finding quality products. Kava, chammomile, valerian, hops, catnip, lavender are all known to have anti-anxiety benefits. Be sure to do some research first and if you take medications or have a health condition check with your Dr. before taking any herbal treatments.Good luck!!!!!!!!!
Jenifer Originally Answered: Will a muscle relaxer help me relax when I take the GRE?
I wouldn't recommend it. Since you didn't take them you don't know how they will affect you or how strong they are. The last thing you want is to blow a test because you fell asleep and drooled all over the test! If you have a high GPA than you will probably do just fine. If you're having anxiety issues, drink some chamomile tea or supplements. It's calming and non-narcotic. Don't take Valerian though, that's a herbal sleep aid!

Fidelma Fidelma
20-30 mins on weekdays are yours to do things that relax the body, it does not have to be something fancy or specail.i walk ,paint/doodle in a nice quiet place, read a light book ,lie on your back and look at the sky (just try it highly recommended).If none of this stuff works then you have to practise basic relaxing, it is as simple as 1,2,3 . 1sit down 2 dont 3dont think about anything(i picture a blank page, black ) you should practise for as long as you can.then increase you sitting time as you get better. note* if all this seems like rabble rabble to you ,well i am just one former stressed 15 year old trying to help.seeya l8r
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Cybill Cybill
Go fishing. Target shooting. A walk in the woods. A complete change from your normal environment. Works for me.
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Low carb diets usually use the glycemic index to help determine the foods to eat/avoid. Cake will be a tough one. It has refined flour and sugar (both bad). Generally if you make something with whole wheat flour and use an alternative low glycemic sweetener (like agave syrup) you will be doing as good as possible. Still high in carbs but much better for you (and the diet)

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