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July 18, 2019 / By Joye
Question: I asked this the other day, but I'm hoping to gather a few more answers... My 6 month old son is on Good Start Natural Culture powdered formula (which is supposed to be most like breastmilk) and always seems to be constipated. At first, I could add my own breastmilk and that helped, but I am no longer able to pump. I have done everything the dr. suggested.... dark Karo added to the bottle, cut out the cereal, apple/prune juice and water daily, pureed prunes, bicycle the legs, no bananas or sweet potatoes.... The only thing that ever works is the liquid suppository BabyLax, which I DO NOT want to have him become dependent on that. The last suggestion from the dr. was a soy formula, but after researching it, my hubby and I would rather not use that. Any other ideas I could bring to my dr.????? He will normally go 3-4 days without a BM, by then he is straining, turning red, and very unhappy. The first part comes out very thick and almost formed, and the rest is a regular consistency....
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Ghislaine Ghislaine | 9 days ago
I would highly recommend geting a second opinion from another doctor. Many pediatricians have different philosophies on what's best for babies. If Nestle Good Start is making him constipated, I think the soy formula definitely will. You may have to go with Enfamil Nutramagin or Similac Alimentum. They're super expensive (about $27 for a standard size can), but if that's what you're poor little guy needs, then it's worth it. You may want to ask the doctor about that, and again, perhaps another doctor as well. I definitely don't recommend the BabyLax, if he's constipated, there's a reason. You just need to be persistent and figure it out. Good Mommy intuition on not wanting him to become dependent on it! I sure hope he feels better soon!
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Ghislaine Originally Answered: Anyone with an infant who became constipated after first vaccinations?
It's interesting that you ask that question, because I would've never made that connection, and yes, my son started having constipation probelms, shortly after his 2 month vaccination, and has been constipated since. he's now almost 3 and is taking daily dosages of miralax to keep him not constipated. and the gi doctor said it happens to lots of kids that they have constipation with no medical reason behind it, and it usually lets up at about the age of 5. hope this adresses some of your concerns . thanks for your most interesting questions.

Dena Dena
My daughter was the queen of poop problems. IMO, soy is VERY constipating. I would steer clear of that but that was just in my situation. This is probably not what the Dr. would suggest but I had luck with making 6 ounces of formula and adding 2 oz of plain water. Just tried her to take in more water. I would warm up water and add some pear juice...warmed up a prune and scooped out the inside and gave it to her. How often does he go?
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Calanthia Calanthia
what are his symptoms? if he has no bowel movement for 3-5 days then i would take him to his doc. when my daughter was that age(she is 13months now) i would give her straight apple juice and water, limit the formula, quit the baby food for a couple days, and give her frequent warm baths. it usually worked...sometimes it takes a day or so for them to go. but if that doesnt work and you have tried everything, the doctor will know best.
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Alyce Alyce
My daughter is like this.. I give her pure prune juice and water.. This normally help! A friend of mine's daughter was having bad problems, and the doctor looked, and her little booty-hole was too small. So you might want your doctor to take a look and see it that might be the problem.
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Vern Vern
More water would definitely help... Karo syrup combined with water, give the baby more water throughout the day and it should get a lil better. good luck
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Ronny Ronny
are you sure he's constipated? is he crying and straining, or are you just basing it on the fact that he's not pooping every day? some babies don't poop every day... especially if they're on formula and solids...
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Ronny Originally Answered: infant constipation?
my sister in law had to use suppositories with her daughter she also had to stick the tip of a qtip up there and move it around to loosen stool. Once the baby is old enough straight prune juice usually does the trick.... the doctor tells you apple or pear juice but those only work in large amounts.

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