My Puppy is Constipated?

My Puppy is Constipated? Topic: My Puppy is Constipated?
November 14, 2019 / By Cyan
Question: I think my puppy(9 week old chihuahua) is constipated because when he tries to poop he cries. And when he sleeping it whines sometimes. I tried giving him olive oil but he's too stubborn and cries because im trying to open his mouth. Is this something i can fix at home? I'm really tight on money so it's kinda my only choice. @ Sheri- Yes I have taken him to the vet FYI. Just this certain time i don't have the money. If you're not going to help don't answer at all because people like you really get on my nerves. My other question is how do i feed anything to him if he doesn't want to eat? Do i force it?
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Bettye Bettye | 10 days ago
ADD ::::: TY for the email it was very informative Here is a copy of it and my answer From: Sonia Subject: Really? Message: Yes I have taken him to the vet FYI. Just this certain time i don't have the money. The mother died and i had to give away the others because i can't take care of all them. Yes i am responsible i've had other chihuahuas as young as the one i have now & never problems. If you're not going to help don't answer at all. *** My original answer was helpful to someone who actually cared about the pup they have..but in response to your email ..... You are the breeder ... You should have kept all of the pups or had surrendered them all to a shelter or rescue if you were not capable of caring for the pups after the Dam died. That is your responsibility of being a breeder, even a BYB like yourself . If you do not have the money to properly care for the pup then you shouldn't have it ..Plain and simple People like me get on your nerves? Tough sh*t It is people like you who carelessly breed without have any knowledge and the one that pay the price are the helpless animals that are stuck with their care depending on someone who refuses to spay and neuter their pets which ends up with them dropping dead. What did the dam die of? could it be that you refused her vet care after whelping? Did she have a retained pup or placenta which then rotted in her uterus causing a severe infection such as pyoometra? Or did she did from severe mastitis whihc became gangrenous because of your lack of knowledge? I know vet care was out of the question as I am sure you didn't have monies then either. Stop breeding Sweetheart, as lives depends on the breeder knowing everything to prevent death and the ability to AFFORD a vet and you have none of the above. Should you force feed it ? You are amazing ... No you don't force feed it .. Take the pup to a vet or surrender it to someone with even the slighest canine knowledge so it may have a chance. Guessing is not for living creatures. Again there is your help ... Pick one ... a vet or dig a freaking hole next to the Dam's You are a prime example as to why breeding should be left to the professionals ***************************************... ********************* If you can not afford to go to a vet then you shouldn't have gotten a pup to begin with Chihuahua's should stay with its Dam and littermates until they are 10-12 weeks old Have you bothered to take this pup to a vet since taking possession of it for a wellness exam? You don't try and feed a pup olive oil return the pup to the breeder or where ever you got it from .... If you are tight on money, you can't take care of the pup properly when vet visits are needed, you shouldn't own a pup or dog. If you can't be a responsible pet owner you should only have gotten a pet rock
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Bettye Originally Answered: Constipated puppy? What do I do?
Does he seem to be in any discomfort? Has he had a change of diet? what diet is your dog currently being provided and how often? Could he have previously ingested a foreign body causing a blockage? As he is drinking a lot of water it is more likely that diarrhoea is the cause of constipation however, the above questions are also something to think about. 24 hours does seem like a very long time and hopefully will not continue for much longer. I'm sure that your dog will be back to normal soon but just incase you do find that the cause is diarreoa, rehydration even with large amounts of water can be difficult for his body to absorb and will just pass through. Usually supplements from your vet can be provided by being mixed into their water source to replace the electrolytes lost. Diets can also be prescribed to help the digestive system clear and recover. I would recommend closely monitoring your dog to decide whether he will need a consultation from a veterinarian or not. Ensure that a fresh water supply is available within a short distance of your dog at all times and also avoid giving treats and meaty feeds for now. It would be best to just keep your dog's feeds as dry as possible and feed the same daily amount more regularly in smaller portions. This way the digestive system can work a little at a time, digesting more hypoallergenic feeds rather than irritable liquid jelly and gravy meats in large portions at a time. Keep a close eye on him whilst he is outside also to make sure he is excreting normally and behaving normally. Keep him warm, calm, well fed on dry feeds and well hydrated and monitor his progress. If no progress is made what so ever and his constipation seems to be getting worse, a vet consultation will be essential for a diagnosis and the start of the treatment that he needs. I wish you all the best :) keep us updated

Ailee Ailee
The mother should be licking them to help them eliminate. If they aren't eliminating and they have distended bellies and maybe also whimpering, they could be constipated. Puppies are fragile. If you didn't want vet bills you shouldn't breed dogs ! Don't muck about with this. If you have a good relationship with your vet they should answer your questions. You can try a washcloth with warm water and gently clean their rears and privates to encourage them to eliminate. But if they continue to have trouble call the vet. It's painful for the puppies and dangerous.
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Tobin Tobin
I am afraid this isn't siomething you should even try to fix your self. It could have a blockage or something and canned pumpkin and olive oil could cause a severe injury. No money for a vet? What are you doing about shots and heartworm remedy? Don't force feed him. If you aren't going to take him to the vet, let his body do its best.
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Randolph Randolph
Hey ? Wondering how long since he pooed? His lil tummy would have to be getting quite hard if it has been over a day or two, or has there been little poos that eventually make it out? And are these lil poos small, round, and hard? Start with offering lots of water. The water will be needed to flush the intestinal tract. Add vegetables to his diet. Feed canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling but pure canned pumpkin) Exercise him. Play fetch, chase him, get him moving for that stimulates the bowels. Get a warm (not hot) wash cloth and rub your pup's tum tum in downward stroke toward the anus. This mimics what a mother would do for her pups. Hope this gets the old ball a rolling (pun intended) Rose
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Martin Martin
Your best bet it to get your dog to a vet. That being said, canned pumpkin is typically considered a standard home remedy to feed a dog to help relieve constipation. I've given that advice to others in the past and it has worked well, and I have read the same thing from others online. It is often fed to both firm up stool and to help with constipation.
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Jess Jess
Your puppy is lacking in iron. Feed him/her more vegetables. This happened to my Miniature Schnauzer. I just popped some carrots and broccoli in her dinner and that seemed to work! If not bring your dog to the vet to get it's glands checked
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Glendower Glendower
Buy him wet food. And add a little bit of flax seeds. I do this with my chihuahuas n they do right away.
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Glendower Originally Answered: What is the best puppy kibble for a english bulldog puppy with allergies and a sensitive stomach?
I think you're probably already feeding the best kibble. I saw the same soft stools when I first switched my dog with the sensitive stomach over to the California Naturals, too. You may want to try the California Naturals Lamb & Rice, as it can be easier on the stomach. A grain free probably would be too "rich" for him-it's the grains (rice in this case) that provide the fiber that bulks up his stools. Grain free would probably cause a dog like this to have looser stools. You need to give a food at least 2 months before deciding that it won't work-it takes some time for the dog's system to adjust. It's pretty common for a dog's digestive system to react to a change in food, especially when moving up in quality, like you did. If, say when the dog is 6 or 7 months old, you're still seeing a problem with stools, you may want to consider trying Natural Balance foods instead of the California Naturals, though I think that the California Naturals is the best kibble you can feed for most dogs with allergies. I would give him some more time to adjust. EDIT: If you're looking for something to add to his food, you may consider a little cooked oatmeal or brown rice. First, I would give the Lamb & Rice food a shot. If that doesn't help, try the oatmeal mixed into his food. Your vet should have some ideas to help you bulk up his stools, as well. Just remember that the more you mess with his food, the more messed up his stools will be. He may never have the firm stools you are expecting. What's normal for one dog is not necessarily normal for another. I don't think that yogurt or cottage cheese would help at all to firm up his stools, it would probably have the opposite effect. With pumpkin, the fiber in it can help create a solid stool when the dog has diarrhea, but it can also have a laxative effect (most fiber products will work that way). That, too, COULD contribute to the softer stools. As long as there is SOME shape to his stools, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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