My hamster appears to have a swollen butt, and he is walking funny?

My hamster appears to have a swollen butt, and he is walking funny? Topic: My hamster appears to have a swollen butt, and he is walking funny?
October 18, 2019 / By Andriana
Question: i put him in his ball and he was acting a little wierd, kind of like he had to poop but nothing happened.. so i took him out, put him in his cage and get like... sat down like a human and squirmed. he did it like three times. i dont know whats wrong with him and i dont know what to do! please help me! as pathetic as it sounds he is like my child and i love him more than i ever thought possible!
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Whitney Whitney | 1 day ago
Before you resort to any kind of treatment you have to figure out whether he is constipated, or what it may be. Constipation is generally pretty easy to remedy, provided that is really what's wrong. Here is a couple things to do, but first remember to be gentle, if he is sore or distended he may nip. Check his droppings, I'm sure you'll be able to tell if they are different. If there aren't any, or they are small, black and hard it's a good indication he's constipated. The next thing to check is, to see if he is impacted. This can be done relatively simply. Take your pointer finger and thumb, and feel around his hind end. Be careful not to poke or pinch or squeeze, find where the tail is under the skin, and then keep feeling, if you find other places in that area that are hard, and it's not his spine or tailbone you can be pretty much assured that he is constipated. Sometimes you can palpitate and break up whatever it is. If not, a drop of vegetable or olive oil should help. More often than not, a change in diet is the main cause of constipation, usually going from mixed diets to pellet and vice versa is the cause. If that's the case, try to mix in a bit of the old food, and gradually switch it out to the new food. Feel free to message me if you still need help.
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Sander Sander
First of all, you're sure these aren't his testicles? If not, then, look at his bum. Does it look wet? Is he lethargic, or not wanting to eat or drink? Also, has he been peeing more lately? If the butt is wet or the cage is really messy and smelly, he may have wet-tail (a bacterial infection that's almost the equivalent of our dysentery). If it starts getting worse I would seek the help of a vet. Wet tail you can treat yourself with stuff from the pet store but anything worse and you'll need an expert opinion/prescription meds. Now, hamsters can get constipated, for a few various reasons. Is he drinking enough water? You can dilute some unflavored pedialyte in his water bottle for an extra boost. He may not be getting enough fiber. Try feeding him some veggies or fruits (cabbage works great, or bits of apple.) or even bread (maybe soaked in a little milk). Odds are the fiber and extra moisture will help him pass it. If he does not get better though you need a vet's opinion.
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Nandy Nandy
Check this site for something close, if it's serious then take it to the vet http://www.hamsterific.com/IllnessGuide.... It could possibly be: Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Cancer or tumors parasites- Hamsters can acquire two types of internal parasites: dwarf tapeworm and pinworms. Tapeworms can cause weight loss or constipation, but often there are no symptoms. Pinworms are considered harmless. Both types of internal parasites can be treated with prescription de-worming chemicals It may also be intestinal blockage. Either way, it should definitely be checked out.
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Kenton Kenton
normally, that's no longer sturdy. I had hamsters whilst i replaced into youthful, and that they the two died of tumors that sound precisely like what you're describing. the favored life span of a hamster is barely approximately 3 yrs max....and a few die plenty faster. Sorry.
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Horsa Horsa
it is very serious if it is an abscess you need to report the vet immediatly. Or it might be his testicals.
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