How do you eat healthy but filling food? ?

How do you eat healthy but filling food? ? Topic: How do you eat healthy but filling food? ?
November 23, 2019 / By Alison
Question: I have started trying to eat healthy by eating less cake, cookies, chocolate, icecream etc. and more vegetables, fruits and nuts, etc. But now I find I don't have any more energy and am hardly ever full or satisfied. I don't need to lose any weight just get rid of my acne. Plus I can't cook haha
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Ur Ur | 10 days ago
well someday you can maybe stop eating any cake, cookies, chocolate, icecream, etc of other sugary foods, because those are not healthy. fruits and vegetables should give you some energy. add some salt to some vegetables to flavor enhance it, just not much at all.. and you can add some butter to squash to be able to eat it to enjoy. Try boiled cabbage with salt in the water as you boil the water. It is filling food. Make salads with real orange slices in the salad/s. Don't eat salad with dressing or croutons. Try to eat nuts with salad or other recipes. Try eggplant lasagne.
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Ur Originally Answered: Healthy but filling food (lunch/dinner)?
Eat more protien (will keep you full) Sugar makes you hungry faster. dont forget some good carbs tho like veggies! stay away from white pasta, white flour and white sugar also stay away from processed food. Good luck!!
Ur Originally Answered: Healthy but filling food (lunch/dinner)?
For school lunches, I'd probably fix a healthy sandwich with lean deli meat that's low in sodium and add some dijon mustard for flavor with lettuce and tomato slices. Throw in some of your favorite perishable fruits like apple, orange, grapes are really good and you can snack on them all day. I would stay away from chips and other junk foods and stick to healthy alternatives. The Fiber One bars are pretty tasty and quite filling. You can also grill up some chicken the night before and make a chicken sandwich or prepare a salad with chicken on top and a nice light dressing. The key is lots of fruits and vegetables and healthy lean proteins like chicken and fish (tuna salad with a light mayo's not bad with low sodium crackers). You just need to take your time at the grocery store and read the labels but I usually stay around the edge where all the produce is.

Robby Robby
Even for the healthiest of eaters, good intentions can fly out the window when your stomach begins to rumble. If you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, finding the right kind of foods — healthy foods that will fill you up for the longest amount of time — is essential. “Clients who are trying to lose weight tell me they get hungry every three to four hours,” says nutritionist Beth Kitchin, RD, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. “You’re supposed to feel hungry that often, so eating low-energy density foods, meaning those high in nutrients, can really help.” High-protein foods, high-fiber foods, and healthy fats are all on the top 10 list of most filling foods. - Snack on Sweet Prunes - Go Crazy for Nuts - Fill Up First on Vegetables - Get Going With Oatmeal - Start Your Meal With Soup - Go For a Dip - Load Up on Lean Protein - Count on Beans and Other Legumes you can also visit: www.everydayhealth.com; www.naturalnews.com; caloriecount.about.com; - Don't Skimp on Potato Skins - Pick Some Fabulous Fresh Fruit
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Micaiah Micaiah
Fruits can give you energy. Just graze all day. Meat is good for filling your stomach. Eat less and your stomach will shrink, making less more.
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Micaiah Originally Answered: My ear infectin makes it to painfull to chew, I need some healthy and filling food I dont need to chew. Help!?
Holy crap dude! That sucks! I went through that a few times. If I were your doctor I'd tell you to go buy some Oregano Oil by NOW foods. Mix it with olive oil until you can handle the taste. Terrible but works wonders. Like 14 bucks on Amazon. Don't take it with the meds. That would be bad. It has it's own pain killers and powerful antibiotics......but I'm not your doc. so....... $3.88 at walmart. Ginger root. This shouldn't react with the meds but ask your doctor first. This stuff will help. Great for stimulating irrigation in your head...ears...sinus.... Take it with food. Foods that you don't have to chew. Cottage cheese, yogurt, jello, although it is packed with sugar and coloring. You can eat anything pretty much just cook it and stick it in a blender. Brocolli has alot of iron. It's a good time to start a diet. haha? Ok, bad joke..... Take care man. Infections in the head are nothing to mess with.

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